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Car Draw update

As we’re at the halfway point (date wise) from when we launched the draw to 29th December, we want to give an idea to everyone about the journey so far.

As some of you are aware, the development plans for the clubhouse are out for tender, and we’re hopping this will be awarded in the coming weeks. This means we’re starting building in January and we cant go into the new year on a deficit on our latest fundraiser so we’re begging, imploring, asking, requesting, demanding that you step up and join in the club fundraising initiative in however you see fit, but just do something.

We have sold 1900 tickets so far, we need to sell at least 3000 to break even. We want to sell at least 6000 but to do this, we need a huge push and support from EVERYONE who loves being part of our club.

This started with an idea on a dark night last January, when we thought that we might try to go back to basics this year with regard to our big fundraiser. After the success of the Strictly’s and the Oskars, we thought a draw might get more people involved with less time commitment from everyone. There were debates about the car partner to go with and we were delighted with Jack Doran Motors stepped up and really wanted to support us. Then we debated the costs of the ticket – again, we landed on €10 as we thought it would be easier for our members to sell a ticket for €10 rather than €20.

We then got consensus from a wider group of members to support this initiative and we decided to green light it in May. From there our group of volunteers went off and designed tickets, graphics, applied to the court for licences, booked CityNorth, built a website ( , stapling books of tickets and got a group of wider volunteers involved in the selling and distribution of tickets throughout the club.

The club distribution, via our wonderful coaches, has been the basis of the sales so far. We have only half of tickets back in from teams, and we need the rest back in. Can we ask all parents to have books back to their coaches by 8th November please?

We’ve booked a party night in the CityNorth, for the night of the draw, and with fitting theme,  will be a  20’s night as we head into 2020. Tickets for the night will be available in the coming weeks and we welcome EVERYONE to come to what is sure to be another Cilles legendary social outing.


Throughout the year we’ve had success and disappointments in the footballing and hurling fronts. Our underage teams again have been the recipient of many trophies and accolades and our Junior D team got to the county final, only to miss the last hurdle. 2019 has been another great year for our club, but we’re not done yet…. we need EVERYONE to give a final push to the draw, we need volunteers to go door to door, sell tickets in shopping centres, bring books to work, cajole your family and neighbours, friends etc to sell a book.

Cliona Smith - St Colmcilles - GAA - Meath Football - 15-4

Get involved – get your books back in and take another or ask how can you help. Contact Keith, Ciara, James, Jackser, Brian, Barry, Steven, Lisa, Roger or any of your coaches to find out more please.