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Wellbing During Covid19 (002)

Wellbeing During Covid-19

During this time of uncertainty surrounding Covid 19, as we are all keeping our social distance, it is important that we look after our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us. These tips aim to support you in doing just that.

Keep active and create a simple exercise routine; get lots of fresh air.

Encourage children to use this time to practice skills in the garden/yard/park.

Ensure that you are getting enough sleep, limit use of devices at night.

Maintain a healthy diet and keep hydrated (include fresh foods that will boost your immune system and help fight off colds and flus)

Be mindful of your alcohol intake – alcohol weakens your immune system and can have a negative affect your mood and mental health Visit:


Take a little personal time-out each day and practise some deep breathing

Sign up to a free course and refresher coaching course at

Limit your time on social media and your consumption of Covid-19 news stories

Sign up to your local library HERE or download Apps (e.g. Headspace/Calm), Podcasts or Audio Books that promote positive mental wellbeing

Continue to spend time outdoors, by yourself or with your children – walking and playing in open spaces are both safe; but maintain social distancing.

For mental health supports and services visit:


Stay connected with others through calls, texts, video chat etc. Facetime, Skype or even WhatsApp calls can be invaluable when trying to keep up social interactions

Check in with those more vulnerable in our communities and support them where possible, whilst still maintaining social distancing and hygiene etiquette

Set challenges for you and your family/friends; explore new activities/hobbies and share your experiences.

If working from home, check in with colleagues regularly.

Only rely on information from trusted sources(such as the HSE CLICK HERE or PHA CLICK HERE
If working from home, check in with colleagues regularly The Samaritans is the GAA’s national mental health partner and can be contacted any time for a friendly chat on: 116123

Community and Health information, club stories and resources are available on the GAA community website 


Wellbing During Covid19 (002)