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On Saturday the fabulous G4M + O’s togged out,  in what we were told were winning jerseys, to play the highly competitive end of season tournament. Obviously at the peak of our fitness we were ready to take on any opposition.

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However the weather was looking to dampen our spirits, but a last minute venue change to indoor Astro to ensure hair remained frizz free and make up perfect we were ready to go.

We arrived gazebo in hand and enough food to feed half of Dublin and eager to get going. With some veteran players amongst us, helping calm the nerves of the newbies, it only took a brief time for us to settle into our first game. We all came away from this one shining- with Orla picking up her own shiner as she performed a spectacular block using her face, but this wouldn’t stop her.
The second game saw some fantastic skill  from all over the pitch, also we need to mention some very talented goalkeeping putting their bodies on the line keeping us on top.
From this, the day only went from strength to strength, keeping us on our feet -( except for Molly who became at one with the Astro). Every ball was Jackie’s ball whether she was on or off the pitch, with Forrest playing a blinder down the back line and Sinead rocking it in goals while clearly carrying an injury. Eleeena ( or any acceptable variation of this name) had the legs to keep moving in the midfield.
Better than the games was the clear support from the sidelines with the clappers, and with BA making us a few quid selling jewellery.

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Alas, as the day drew to an end and as the rumours that Paul, our mentor, was retiring it was obvious that the rumours were true, instead of our usual “positive” (cough) feedback , on this day- came something that shocked us all- compliments, and plenty of them. While some had to take to a seat with a cuppa to gather themselves- we knew that this was it!
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We had made it- we were “footballers” in his eyes and he was proud of us!!! He could walk away knowing he could do no more!!

As Anne accepted our enormous trophy as winners of the tournament- we celebrated late into the night with the usual elegant gathering with some light refreshments. Inline image

We would like to thank Paul for all his time, effort, patience and positive speeches to the ladies over the years, as we now search for a new mentor who is willing to put up with, I mean coach this highly skilled group of fabulous ladies.
Well done ladies!
Cilles Abu!!!