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Our Junior D team, in only its second year are going from strength to strength and this game was proof of that.

St Colmcilles Meath GAA Bective GFC

Let’s be clear, the Junior D’s have won nothing yet although they have won the hearts and minds of many within the club. Seeing 31 players of all ages tog out for their beloved club would raise anyone’s hopes but the addition of a few younger players is the real reason for joy.

Bective GFC provided the opposition in the Championship Semi-Final at St Vincent’s GFC, Ardcath on Sunday. The Vincent’s chairman (Gerry Tuite) met everyone at the gate assisted by some club volunteers including Laura who had the biscuits. Everyone got a warm welcome from our neighbours and the facilities were spot on. If you mentioned even five years ago that a club like Vincent’s would have a wellness garden, banked carpark so you could watch from the car (if raining and a bit soft), top quality pitch, fenced walkway and outdoor gym equipment people would have laughed, but St Vincent’s have all of this and more. Remember, the night before this match there was enough rainfall for a month, the pitch was perfect! Here’s to many more championship matches there!

St Colmcilles Meath GAA Bective GFC

The Cilles had met Bective previously in the summer who proved a serious handful, unfortunately they were not themselves yesterday and will be annoyed that it didn’t click for them. There are too many good footballers on that team for it to end there so you would expect them to come back stronger and more resolute next year.

St Colmcilles Meath GAA Bective GFC

Seeing the mix of youth and eh, elder statesmen on the pitch has to bring a tear to the odd eye. The younger players can only learn from the likes of Hall, Ronan, Grogan, Magill (x2), Ferguson, Kelly (x2) etc. The quality of play up front yesterday was clinical but thats hard to maintain. Its easier when the defence are shepherded by the likes of Keith Magill and Brian Mullen, a solid/dogged foundation and all that!

Not one player played below par yesterday which is what is needed for the final in a few weeks time. The lads are too long in the tooth to let a semi-final win excite them though and they know the job isn’t nearly done yet.

Well done lads! Enjoy a few photos here and please keep an eye on the various social media pages for an update on when the final will take place. There were first teamers out at that game along with players families and friends, just consider what that might mean to someone giving it their all on the pitch! Thanks for coming along and thanks again to all in Ardcath!



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