St. Colmcilles GAA Club, Pairc Ui Rís, Piltown, Bettystown, Co Meath 089-4440124
Team 1
Team 2
Throw In
1/19/2018Cooney Cup (Round 1)St Pats NSRealt Na Mara NSSt Pats Stamullen10:30J. McNabb
1/19/2018Cooney Cup (Round 1)St Marys PPSGaelscoil and Bhradain FeasaSt Pats Stamullen11:30J. McNabb
1/19/2018Cooney Cup (Round 1)Whitecross NSDuleek Boys NSSt Pats Stamullen12:30J. McNabb
1/19/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 1)Ardcath/ClonalvyBellewstown/HanoverSt Colmcilles10:30G. Reilly
1/19/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 1)Scoil Sporaid Naomh St Marys NS DonoreSt Colmcilles11:30G. Reilly
1/19/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 1)St Stephens NSLe CheileSt Colmcilles12:30G. Reilly
2/21/2018Cooney Cup (Round 2)Gaelscoil MorningtonSt Pats StamullenDuleek Boys NS10:30G Reilly
2/21/2018Cooney Cup (Round 2)Duleek Boys NSRealt Na Mara NSDuleek Boys NS11:30G Reilly
3/2/2018Cooney Cup (Round 2)Whitecross NSSt Marys PPSDuleek Boys NS12:30G Reilly
2/21/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 2)St Marys NS DonoreBellewstown/HanoverSt Vincents Ardcath10:30J McNabb
2/21/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 2) Scoil Sporaid NaomhLe CheileSt Vincents Ardcath11:30J McNabb
2/21/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 2)Ardcath/ClonalvySt Stephens NSSt Vincents Ardcath12:30J McNabb
3/16/2018Cooney Cup (Round 3) St Pats StamullenDuleek Boys NSWolfe Tones10:30G.Reilly
3/16/2018Cooney Cup (Round 3)Gaelscoil MorningtonWhitecross NSWolfe Tones11:30G Reilly
3/16/2018Cooney Cup (Round 3) Realt Na Mara BoysSt Marys PPSWolfe Tones12:30G Reilly
3/16/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 3)Ardcath/Clonalvy St Marys NS Donore St Marys Donore10:30 J.McNabb
3/16/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 3) Le CheileBellewstown/HanoverSt Marys Donore11:30 J McNabb
3/16/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 3)Scoil Sporaid NaomhSt Stephens NSSt Marys Donore12:30 J McNabb
4/13/2018Cooney Cup (Round 4)Whitecross NSSt Pats NS StamullenSeafield 10:30J McNabb
4/13/2018Cooney Cup (Round 4) St Marys PPS Duleek Boys NSSeafield 11:30J McNabb
4/13/2018Cooney Cup (Round 4) Realt na Mara BoysGaelscoil an Bhradain FeasaSeafield 12:30J McNabb
4/13/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 4)Scoil Sporaid NaomhArdcath/ClonalvyWalterstown 10:30G.Reilly
4/13/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 4) Le Cheile St Marys NS DonoreWalterstown 11:30G.Reilly
4/13/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 4)Bellewstown/HanoverSt Stephens NSWalterstown 11:31G.Reilly
5/11/2018Cooney Cup (Round 5)St Marys PPS St Pats NS StamullenSt Pats Stamullen 10:30G Reilly
5/11/2018Cooney Cup (Round 5) Whitecross NSRealt Na Mara Boys NSSt Pats Stamullen 11:30G Reilly
5/11/2018Cooney Cup (Round 5) Duleek Boys NSGaelscoil an Bhradain FeasaSt Pats Stamullen 12:30G Reilly
5/11/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 5)Ardcath/ClonalvyLe CheileSeafield 10:30J McNabb
5/11/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 5) Scoil Sporaid NaomhBellewstown/Hanover NSSeafield 11:30J McNabb
5/11/2018Corn Cois Farraige (Round 5) St Marys NS DonoreSt Stephens NSSeafield 12:30J McNabb
5/25/2018Cooney Cup Semi FinalTBCTBCSeafield 10:30E.Barry
5/25/2018Cooney Cup Semi FinalTBCTBCSeafield 11:30G.Reilly
5/25/2018Corn Cois Farraige Semi FinalTBCTBCSeafield 10:30E.BarryClarify with Jude - incorrect
5/25/2018Corn Cois Farraige Semi FinalTBCTBCSeafield 11:30G.Reill
6/8/2018Cooney Cup 2018 FinalTBCTBCPairc Tailteann12.00 E.Barry
6/8/2018Corn Cois Farraige 2018 – FinalTBCTBCPairc Tailteann10.45E.Barry